Volkswagen Roof Racks & Bars

Add extra space to your VW with HandiWorld’s simple to use and easy to store cargo solutions.

Audis are designed to look great with high levels of quality and performance built-in. But what are your options should you need to add that little bit of extra storage space? There are often journeys that require you to transport more than you had perhaps bargained for. Like many car owners you probably do not want to affect the looks of your great-looking car by having VW Golf roof bars, a VW Beetle roof rack, a VW roof box or an VW bike rack attached all of the time.

This is where HandiWorld can help. Our solutions are practical, cost effective and do not have to stay on the car when not being used. Furthermore, being universal, our stylish HandiRack roof bars or HandiHoldall soft roof box will fit most VW models including the Polo, Golf, UP!, Passat, Beetle, Tiguan and CC.

Add to your VW. With no compromise.

Benefits of a HandiRack

• One size fits most 2, 3, 4 & 5-door VW models

• Multi purpose & amazingly versatile

• Manufactured from very tough nylon material

• Incredibly strong puncture proof construction

• Very cost effective compared to traditional solutions

• Ready to use ‘out of the box’ (everything that you need is included)

• Totally portable

• Small storage footprint (about the size of a toaster)

• Interchangeable between vehicles

• Capable of carrying loads of up to 80kg (subject to your car’s specification)

HandiWorld products are proven to perform as a VW roof rack and VW roof box.

All HandiWorld products are comprehensively tested so that you can be sure that the quality matches that of your Polo, Golf, UP!, Passat, Beetle, Tiguan and CC.

The HandiRack is a great option to serve as your VW Golf roof rack or VW Polo roof bars. Its universal design allows easy installation on most VW models and it takes just a couple of minutes to secure. Being inflatable allows the HandiRack to stow to a small size. This makes it easy for storing in the boot of the car without compromising storage space.

How about considering HandiWorld’s soft roof bag, the HandiHoldall, as your perfect VW roof box? The HandiHoldall comes in three sizes, 400 litres, 330 litres and 175 litres. If you already have a VW bike rack, the HandiHoldall 175 litres can be secured on the roof next to this. This makes it ideal for storing all of your biking gear. The HandiHoldall 400 and 175 litre models are fully waterproof and the 330 litre model weatherproof.

Although traditional VW roof boxes have their advantages, when it comes to storage, the HandiHoldall is a clear winner. Made from high quality and durable Tarpaulin that can resist the worst of weather conditions, the HandiHoldall can be rolled-up when not in use and kept in the boot of the car or in a cupboard. To ensure that the base of the HandiHoldall is solid, 4 x glass fibre poles are placed into the bottom. These are easily inserted and removed.

If you need both roof bars and a roof box for your VW, you can combine the HandiRack and HandiHoldall to provide a superbly practical and cost-effective solution. You will gain the extra space that you need for your Polo, Golf, UP!, Passat, Beetle, Tiguan and CC without compromising the looks.