Peugeot Roof Racks & Bars

Peugeot Roof Racks & Bars

As Peugeots come in all shapes and sizes, you may be thinking there is no such thing as a universal Peugeot roof rack that fits all models, which is why we’re pleased to inform you that the HandiRack is the ideal solution if you’re looking for reliable Peugeot roof bars, fitting most models currently on the market! Whether you want Peugeot 3008 roof bars to expand the space available in your family car even further or a Peugeot 206 roof rack to give you more room for daily tasks, the HandiRack is the perfect option!

As well as being a safe fit for both the 3008 and 206, our inflatable roof rack can also be used on the 107, 207, 208, 308, 2008 and 5008, as well as many more models. If your Peugeot has a soft top roof, then the HandiRack isn’t going to be suitable, but if you’d like to check if your vehicle is compatible for use with the HandiRack, email to speak with one of the team.

In need of a Peugeot 107 roof rack to make trips to the shops a bit easier? Require Peugeot 308 roof bars to provide yourself with more storage room for a family trip? Whatever your reason for needing additional in-car storage space, the HandiRack is always the best option for providing it. Whether you want to transport kayaks safely or transport your luggage in comfort, the HandiRack can help!

Peugeot Models

  • 107
  • 207
  • 108
  • 2008
  • 208
  • 3008
  • 308
  • 5008
  • 508

* Please contact us for all compatible models