What to Pack for a Weekend Cycling Trip

What to Pack for a Weekend Cycling Trip

Now we’re in the depths of Spring and soon to be heading into Summer, we’re very much at the heart of cycling season now which means biking enthusiasts have now got their diaries filled with upcoming cycling trips and weekends away on the bikes.

When it comes to packing for a cycling trip, it’s essential to have everything you need but to pack as lightweight and compact as possible, so we’re going to be sharing with you our ultimate packing list and a few top tips on how to pack perfectly for your biking adventure.

What to Pack

How to Pack It

Once you’ve established everything you need and want to take with you, it’s time to turn your attention towards how to pack everything up and that’s where HandiWorld can help.

It’s unlikely you’ll be setting off from home on your bike, it’s more probable that you’re going to be heading somewhere in the car before starting your adventure, so you’re going to need to get all your gear for the trip into the car.

175 Litre HandiHoldall

Our brand new 175 Litre HandiHoldall is the latest addition to our soft roof box range, this one having been designed especially with cyclists and sports enthusiasts in mind. Suitable for attaching to the HandiRack alone if that’s all you need on top of the car or if you need to transport your bike on the roof too, the 175 Litre HandiHoldall can also be fitted to metal sports racks alongside bikes thanks to the specially designed size and shape.

An ideal capacity for storing all the belongings you could need for a weekend away cycling, this new version of our roof bag is lightweight and easy to attach to the car, making your life as simple as possible, so you can get on with the fun parts of your adventure.


Once you reach your destination and are ready to commence on your rides, you’re going to need a way of packing your daily essentials on to your bike and they’re unlikely to all fit in a backpack.

If you’re cycling relatively far from your base, you’re going to need plenty of kit with you in case you need spare changes of clothes or parts for your bike, so packing your bike using panniers is your best option.

Panniers extend the storage space available on your bike and allow you to distribute the stuff you want to carry with you on your trip evenly, so it doesn’t affect how you ride but seeing as we’re not the experts at bike storage solutions, we’d recommend reading Travelling Two’s guide to packing your panniers.

We hope you have a great time exploring the great outdoors on your cycling trips and we’d love to know if you grab one of our new HandiHoldalls to help with the packing process, so let us know how you get on by getting in touch on Twitter or Facebook!

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