The holiday luggage solution that pays for itself

We all love the summer holidays however when it comes to a family of 5 or more it's not just a question of picking the right place, it's about ensuring that you can get all your luggage to your destination. So begins the car rental dilemma. In my case we are 5 people so typically a minimum of 5 bags! That means the cheap little run-around small car option is out of the question yet we really don't need that 5 door estate for the week. And apart from the trip from the airport to the hotel we don’t actually need a large car at all! Herald the arrival of the inflatable roof rack!


If you didn't know such a thing existed, let us tell you more. Easy to pack into a suitcase you will soon swear by it. Taking up less space than a pair of shoes this 'blow-up beauty' means that you and your tribe (the more the merrier!) can get away with a small rental car and still take everything you need with you. Admittedly the HandiRack costs £65.00 but in less than one holiday we are confident that your kit will already have paid for itself!

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