How the HandiMoova Can Help You in the Garden

How the HandiMoova Can Help You in the Garden

Now we’re firmly in summer, everyone’s attention has moved away from home renovations and over to doing up the garden, which means it’s the perfect time for us to share some top tips with you on how to make life in the garden a little easier.

No matter how much you love doing the gardening, you’re never going to turn down a helping hand which is why we’re confident all gardening enthusiasts are going to want to know about the HandiMoova.

The HandiMoova is an all-terrain trolley made by HandiWorld, a multi-purpose two-wheel trolley that is particularly handy in the garden. Made with a lightweight but robust frame and Camba Wheel Technology to ensure the HandiMoova is smooth rolling over all surfaces, we’re going to be sharing with you a few ways the HandiMoova can offer you some assistance in the garden!

Moving Rubble and Rubbish

There’s nothing worse than digging out the flower beds or clearing a load of rubble and realising you’ve left it in the middle of the lawn and are now going to have to lug it to the wheelie bin in buckets but you can say goodbye to doing that with a HandiMoova!

When paired with the HandiSac, an extra strong multi-use sack, you can load anywhere up to 60kg worth of rubbish and rubble into the bag and onto the HandiMoova and quickly and easily transport from one area of the garden to another or over to the bins.

Manoeuvring Heavy Pots and Ornaments

Whether you’ve just bought some new ornaments for the garden or want to have a revamp and move some existing plant pots around, this can be back-breaking work if you’ve got heavy stone ornaments but the HandiMoova can make light work of this.

Simply use the HandiBungee cords to strap the pot or ornament you want to move to the HandiMoova and easily wheel it over to where you want it to be, saving you time and any potential injury.

Bringing in New Plants

We’ve all been there, the car boot is filled with new flowers, potted plants and small trees ready to dress up the garden and it’s only then you realise you have to move all this by hand but the HandiMoova can help speed this process us.

Whether it’s a heavy potted plant that is simply tricky to carry or trays and trays of plants you can’t physically transport all in one, load everything up onto the HandiMoova and simply wheel it behind you until you reach where you want them to go.

Clearing Out the Shed

One of the first jobs of summer for many people with a garden is to clear out the shed and get it fit for purpose again but this can involve a lot of back and forth between the bin, the house and the car for things going to the tip and charity shops, so using the HandiMoova can help save a lot of walking by allowing you to transport more in one trip.

Load up whatever it is needs moving and fix in place with the HandiBungee cords and you can easily make your way to wherever you need to go without having to try and juggle armfuls of things!

The HandiMoova’s sole purpose is to make life easier and we think it has proved it can do that in the garden!

To make gardening quicker and simpler, get yourself a HandiMoova and witness for yourself what a great helping hand this invention really is!

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