Summer is well on its way now which means that day trips to the local beach are just around the corner.

We may not get the warmest of weather here in the UK but when we do get a hot day, our beaches are the place to be and we’re confident that plenty of our customers will be heading towards the coast at some point in the next few months.

Whether it’s an adults-only trip or a family holiday, there are always lots of things you need to have in tow when you head to the beach, so we’re going to be sharing with you all the essentials you can’t forget and our tips for packing everything into the car!

What You Need to Pack

What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

How to Pack

You might be thinking that there’s a lot to pack for a simple trip to the beach but instead of trying to streamline your packing to fit everything in the car, invest in some handy car storage solutions that mean you never have to leave anything behind again.


Whether you want to take a kayak to the beach with you or just need a place to store your belongings outside of the car, the HandiRack is the answer. Our inflatable roof rack is the perfect solution for providing you with extra storage space and a way of transporting bigger belongings when spontaneous trips occur.

Compact to store when not in use and easy to attach to your car within minutes when you decide it’s time to increase the storage space available in your vehicle, the HandiRack can be used with the HandiBungee cords for attaching kayaks and canoes or can be paired with the HandiHoldall, our 320-litre roof bag for storing bags and smaller loose items.

HandiDuffel Waterproof Bags

If you’re looking for the perfect bag to pack all your belongings into that will keep them safe from the heat and water, the HandiDuffel Bag is the perfect option.

These waterproof duffel bags are made from a super strong tarpaulin material which will keep your possessions protected from the heat and totally dry when you’re relaxing near the sea. Available in a 95-litre and 135-litre size, the HandiDuffels are the ideal luggage solution no matter how much you want to pack!


If you’ve got stacks of bags, inflatable toys, foldable chairs and more that you need to transport from the car to your sunbathing spot then you’ll need a HandiMoova. Our all-terrain trolley is made using state of the art Camba Wheel Technology which ensures it rolls smoothly and easily across the sand and the high-grade steel frame is strong and robust to carry up to 60kg worth of cargo.

Simply stack your luggage and belongings onto the HandiMoova, secure with the provided bungee cords and simply pull behind you when you head to your chosen spot on the beach – the perfect way to make just one trip from the car!

Days at the beach should be all about the fun and be totally stress-free, so make your summer trip as easy as possible by following our packing list and top tips for transporting everything you need.

Looking for some advice on which products will work for your car and upcoming adventures? Email info@handiworld.com and one of our team will be happy to help!

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