10 Things You Don’t Want to Forget on a UK Family Holiday

10 Things You Don’t Want to Forget on a UK Family Holiday

We love a UK holiday here at HandiWorld. There’s nothing better than the British coast when the sun is shining and according to a report by Abta, 30% of Britons holidayed in just the UK in 2017, as opposed to jetting off abroad which is an increase from 2014 and 2015 and we think that shows that we’re not alone in loving a holiday in our home country.

As much as a more local vacation is great fun, they can soon turn to chaos if you happen to miss anything off the packing list, so when it comes to what not to forget when going on holiday, here are our top 10 things you don’t want to travel without!

  1. Phone Charger

We’re all hooked on our phones nowadays, so one of the most frustrating things to forget is definitely your phone charger. Although you can pick one up in most towns and cities, buying genuine chargers can be pretty pricey, especially when you’ve got a fully functioning one that you’ve just forgotten that’s sitting at home.

If you don’t want to end up disconnected from friends and family while you’re away, make sure you pack your phone charger.

  1. Comforters and Important Toys

If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll probably have a specific toy or comforter at the top of your list of things not to forget and we understand why.

There’s nothing worse than a child who’s missing their most important toy or teddy and there really is no way to replace these special toys when you’re away from home, so make sure this very important piece of cargo is packed in the car before you head off on your adventure.

  1. Reading Glasses

Although forgetting your sunglasses can be frustrating, they can be quite easily replaced; reading glasses however, can not be so easily bought again if you forget them.

If you’re someone who only wears prescription glasses for close up work or driving, it can be easy to leave them lying around and just as easy to go out without them, so make sure you don’t spend your holiday struggling to see properly and remember to pack your reading glasses.

  1. Hand Pump

If you’ve read our blog post on the top 5 occasions you’ll need a HandiPump, you’ll understand the importance of having one of these in the car when you head off on your travels.

Hand pumps are likely to be used for much more than just blowing up your tyres when you’re on a UK road trip. If you’ve got inflatable toys or airbeds that need sorting, you’ll wish you’d remembered the hand pump, so make sure that’s packed before you head off.

  1. Camera

It’s not just foreign countries that have spectacular views that deserve capturing on camera, the UK does too, so you won’t want to forget your camera to take all those snaps.

Smartphones are great for capturing memories but there are some views that deserve the professional treatment and that’s where having a proper camera will come in handy.

  1. Wet wipes

Travelling with children is always full of surprises and as well as you prepare, they’ll always throw something at you that you couldn’t have planned for but one thing you can guarantee you’ll need is wet wipes, so don’t leave those behind.

More a reminder to put these inside the car where they can be accessed quickly as opposed to locking them away in a suitcase in the boot, wet wipes will definitely be used at some point when travelling with kids!

  1. Sun Cream

Even if you’re heading for a summer holiday in the UK, you still need to pack your sun cream. It can be easy to forget this thanks to the infamous British weather but we do still get the odd day of sun here, so you’ll need your sun cream just in case.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to buy new sun cream when you know you’ve got a full bottle at home, so avoid that frustrating moment by remembering to pack it in the case!

  1. Wallet

Nothing will ruin your holiday like forgetting your wallet and it’s quite self-explanatory why really, so this is one thing you definitely don’t want to forget.

  1. Hand Sanitiser

Another necessity when travelling with kids but also a great thing to have for all the family, hand sanitiser.

If you’re stopping for toilet breaks on your travels or heading from playing in the sand to eating your packed lunch, you’re going to need to wash your hands and the quick and easy way to keep your hands clean, even in the middle of nowhere, is to have hand sanitiser with you.

  1. Swim Suits

The first thing that goes in the suitcase for sunny holidays abroad but often something we forget about when heading somewhere in the UK, your swimsuits.

Even if you’re not planning on heading to the beach or a waterpark, it’s always worth packing swimwear for a UK holiday as you never know what the weather is going to do, so it’s better to have your swim clothes with you in case you get a day that is perfect for being at the beach.

We think those 10 items are some of the top things on any travel checklist but we’d love to know if there’s anything you’d add to the list of ‘essentials not to forget’, so let us know on Twitter!

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