Infiniti Roof Racks & Bars

Finding the perfect Infiniti roof rack might seem like a challenge, but we know for a fact that the HandiRack is the perfect solution if you’re looking for Infiniti roof bars you can rely on.

The HandiRack is purposely designed to fit with multiple of the Infiniti models, including being the perfect Q30 roof rack and the ideal option if you’re on the hunt for hard wearing roof bars. As well as the models already mentioned, the HandiRack is well-suited for use with Infiniti models.

If your car has a soft top, then unfortunately the HandiRack is not suitable, but if your car doesn’t have either of these features but isn’t listed above, email to find out whether your Infiniti is compatible with the HandiRack.

Whether you drive one of the smaller models and are aware that extra space would be an advantage or you’re in the mindset that an Infiniti Q30 roof rack isn’t something you need, we’re confident that as soon as you use the HandiRack and enjoy the vast expanse of extra storage space you gain, you’ll be convinced by how useful they really are!

Infiniti Models

  • Q30

* Please contact us for all compatible models

  • HandiHoldall 330 Litres Weather Resistant Roof Box