HandiHoldall Roof Bar Fitting Kit

HandiHoldall Roof Bar Fitting Kit


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Our HandiHoldalls are designed to be extremely versatile. Not only can they attach to a HandiRack, but also to metal roof bars using a simple additional Roof Bar Fitting Kit. Please note that this kit is required for the 400 and 175 litre models only. The HandiHoldall 330 litres does not require the Roof Bar Fitting Kit as it uses specially designed integrated straps.

We have adapted the HandiHoldall for metal roof bars by simply adding some ‘Hi Grip’ loops to the bottom of the bag that allows the HandiHoldall to be securely attached utilising 4 x ‘Hi Grip’ rubberised HandiStraps. The Roof Bar Fitting Kit comprises 4 x 40cm ‘Hi Grip’ HandiStraps and 4 x 150cm normal webbing HandiStraps which are used to secure the HandiHoldall to the outer fixing points of the metal roof bars thus minimizing any lateral movement. The ‘Hi Grip’ HandiStraps are designed to work with all the main types of roof bars.

All HandiHoldall models are attached to the HandiRack using the 2 x 3 metre HandiStrap tie-downs that form part of the HandiRack kit.

So now you have the choice of using one of the 3 HandiHoldall models on either a HandiRack or metal roof bars. The HandiHoldall provides motorists with a brilliant alternative to the traditional roof box. With the HandiHoldall there are no issues with storage when it’s not in use and it can be quickly attached and removed from the roof of the car. They’re manufactured from high quality materials and include glass fibre poles that once placed in the bottom of the bag, create a solid base.

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Features & Benefits
  • Designed to work with a HandiHoldall 400 or 175 litres
  • HandiHoldall 330 litres does not require this kit
  • Secures the HandiHoldall to metal roof bars
  • 4 x 40cm ‘Hi Grip’ rubberised webbing HandiStraps
  • 4 x 150cm HandiStraps