HandiHoldall 330 Litres Weather Resistant Soft Roof Box

HandiHoldall 330 Litres Weather Resistant Soft Roof Box

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x HandiHoldall 330 Litres
  • 4 x glass fibre support poles @ 100cm
  • 1 x black drawstring travel bag
  • 2 x 85cm black fastening belts with plastic clips
  • 1 x detailed instruction leaflet

Features & Benefits

  • 330 litre volume
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 75cm x 40cm
  • Dimensions: 58cm x 15cm x 9cm (stored)
  • 50kg load capacity
  • Can be used with a HandiRack or metal roof bars
  • 2 x 95L or 135L HandiDuffels can be loaded inside
  • Weather Resistant
  • Heavy duty material and tapped seams
  • Storm flap
  • Lockable zipper pulls
  • Stores in the boot of the car
  • Takes 10 minutes to attach to vehicle
  • Grab handles make it easy to assemble
  • Can be kept in the boot of the car
  • Glass fibre poles create a solid base
  • Description


A generous amount of storage space whilst still remaining lightweight, compact and very easy to use, the 330 litre HandiHoldall is the ideal external car storage solution for family travel.

Suitable for use with either a metal roof rack or our very own inflatable roof rack, the HandiRack, the 330 litre HandiHoldall is an option that can work for the majority of vehicles. This high capacity 330 litre roof bag can carry a weight of up to 50kg, making it the perfect partner to the HandiRack which can hold up to 80kg of cargo.

Made from a durable, weatherproof material, this weather resistant soft roof box is as secure and protective as a traditional hard roof box but with the added benefits of being lightweight at around 5kg when unpacked, easy to attach to your car in just minutes and packing into the compact size of just 58 x 15 x 9cm when not in use.

The pros of the 330 litre HandiHoldall truly are never-ending, so for an abundance of secure and weather protected storage space that comes with the added perks of convenience and ease, choose the 330 litre HandiHoldall as your new car roof box.

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