HandiDuffel Black 95 Litres x2

HandiDuffel Black 95 Litres x2

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What's Included

  • 2 x HandiDuffel 95 Litres


The perfect luggage solution for shorter trips or occasions that require less belongings, the HandiDuffel in the smaller 95 litre capacity is a more compact version of the larger 135 litre version.

Small but mighty is the perfect description for this strong and durable duffel bag; the 95 litre HandiDuffel may be smaller in size than the bigger version but is made from the same robust and reliable polyester tarpaulin fabric which enables it to comfortably carry all your belongings. The PVC coating ensures optimum protection from all the elements, from rain storms to blistering hot days, the combination of fabrics in the HandiDuffel will guarantee your possessions stay in perfect condition.

Whether you’re heading away for a night or two, or simply need to take a few items on the road with you, the 95 litre HandiDuffel is the perfect storage solution.The small size is convenient for throwing in the back of the car, but is also perfect for packing into the 400, 330 or 175 litre soft roof box that is the HandiHoldall, one or two of the smaller HandiDuffels can comfortably sit in the roof bag for secure transporting.

Fitted with strong and long lasting carry handles, the HandiDuffel is a reliable luggage solution that will see you through many trips to come.

If you’re keen to read more about the technical specification of this product or have any unanswered questions, please visit the FAQs section.

We’re here to help and so if you have a question, please send us an email at info@handiworld.com. We will respond as quickly as we can.

  • Dimensions: 80cm x 35cm x 35cm
  • 135 litre volume
  • 20kg load capacity
  • Can be used with a HandiHoldall or HandiRack
  • Waterproof construction
  • Dry bag technology
  • Heavy duty material
  • Welded seams
  • Zipper cover
  • Easy to stow
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg

Not only is the HandiRack designed to be extremely handy, but it’s also immensely strong and very durable.

HandiRack Dimensions (unpacked)

  • Total length 146cm
  • Length of inflatable section 95cm
  • Total width 33cm
  • Width of each inflatable section 14cm
  • Height of inflatable section (inflated) 10cm
  • Webbing strap total length 340cm
  • Unit weight 2.5kg

HandiRack Materials & Construction

  • State of the art dense weave 400 denier nylon laminated over reinforced PVC.
  • Airtight PVC high elasticity inner tube.
  • Valves constructed of high elasticity PVC.
  • All stitching is nylon and manufactured in a specialist mountain climbing equipment facility.
  • 5 x metal ‘D’ ring anchor points per HandiRack.
  • 2 x 3.2cm wide adjustable, heavy duty woven webbing straps with metal safety lock fastener.
  • Webbing straps are 38mm polypropylene with polymer coating.
  • Metal components are zinc alloy base with 30 micron zinc phosphate electro painting (black).
  • Metal cam buckle with lower trailing edges is unique to HandiRack.


The HandiRack is made exclusively for use on the roof of motor vehicles. The total weight of any load should not exceed 80kg/175lbs. Users are advised to consult their vehicle owner’s manual to verify maximum roof load capability of their vehicle. This is a temporary load carrying system and should be deflated and removed from the vehicle when not in use.

The HandiRack is not a flotation device and must never be used as a swimming aid or toy.

On the Journey

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the fastening devices are tightened correctly and checked regularly throughout the journey.

Top ‘Handi’ Tips

  1. Ensure that the roof of your car is clean before attaching the HandiRack
  2. Always attach the HandiRack to the roof of the car deflated
  3. Use the HandiPump (included) to inflate the HandiRack – not a compressor
  4. Do not leave the HandiRack inflated on the roof of the car or in the boot
  5. On hot days, do not over inflate the bladders
  6. On cold days, ensure that the bladders are fully inflated
  7. In wet weather, secure the ‘V’ flaps to the underside of the HandiRack
  8. For 2-door cars, secure the ‘V’ flaps to the underside of the HandiRack to create more width between the two sets of bars

SRS Airbags

Please refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for information about the SRS airbag system fitted to your car. This information will show you where the airbags are located and assist you in avoiding obstructing these when fitting a HandiRack. Please be advised that the HandiRack may be unsuitable for use on certain vehicles fitted with curtain airbags.

What weight can be transported on a HandiRack?

The total weight of your load should not exceed 80kg. We strongly advise that you consult your vehicle owner’s manual as the manufacturer’s recommended maximum load for the vehicle’s roof may be less than the weight of the load.

How much does a HandiRack weigh?

Once removed from the display carton, the HandiRack together with the HandiStraps and HandiPump weighs 2.5kg. The dimensions of the travel bag with all the accessories and the HandiRack included are approximately 35cm L x 20cm W x 10cm D.

Will the HandiRack work on a 2-door car?

Yes it will if the car has rear opening quarter light windows or you can place both sets of bars across the front door.

Will the HandiRack affect the operation of the doors or windows?

Not at all. The doors and windows continue to operate normally.

How does the HandiRack attach to the car?

The HandiRack features a main fitting strap that goes through the inside of the car and secures in a heavy duty cam buckle on the HandiRack itself.

How do I securely anchor items to the HandiRack?

Each HandiRack features 5 metal ‘D’ ring anchor points. The 2 x 3m HandiStraps supplied with the HandiRack are then used to lash down items to the HandiRack using these ‘D’ ring anchor points.

Will the HandiRack puncture easily?

The HandiRack is immensely strong. The outer material is 400D nylon which is woven in our facility in Taiwan. The nylon is then laminated on the inside so the outer material has two layers of protection. The internal bladder which holds the air is separate to the outer material and so in effect, there are 3 layers of protection.

Will the handling of my car be altered with the HandiRack attached?

The HandiRack on its own will not alter the handling characteristics of a car. However, once a load is attached, the handling may be affected, requiring a reduction in speed and longer distances for braking. The car may also become susceptible to side winds.

Will my load be safe when driving at speed?

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that all loads are securely tied-down. Items of equipment that may induce ‘lifting forces’ when travelling at speed such as boards or kayaks should also be secured to the front and rear of the vehicle using suitable bow & stern lines.

At what speed is it safe to drive at with the HandiRack attached to the car?

Up to 70 miles per hour / 112 kilometres per hour (subject to national speed limit restrictions).

Is there a danger of any water ingress in wet conditions?

We provide rain contingency guidelines within the instruction leaflet.

Will the HandiRack work on a car fitted with roof rails?

Yes, the HandiRack should always be fitted under the rails.

Can I leave the HandiRack on the car?

The HandiRack has been designed as a temporary roof carrying system and therefore should always be removed, deflated and stored when not in use.

Do ambient temperatures affect the pressure inside the HandiRack tubes?

As the HandiRack is air-filled, in warm conditions it is advisable to allow for the air within the tubes to expand a little. In colder conditions the opposite is the case. During the course of a journey, we recommend that the pressure of each tube is rechecked (as well as the security of the load).

Does the internal fitting strap impede the operation of airbags?

Only on certain vehicles fitted with curtain airbags.

Every year as car manufacturers introduce newer or updated models, the fittings for roof bar systems change which means that the roof bars on your current car quickly become outdated and redundant.


So when you come to change your car to a newer model, the chances are that the roof bars and the fitting kits fitted on your existing vehicle will not fit the newer one. Even if it’s the same make and model. So in garages and sheds around the country dust settles on roof bars that are no longer required and an investment sits there wasted.


Naturally motorists are disenchanted with the idea of having to buy a new set of roof bars every time that they change their car. Especially as these may only be used on a couple of occasions throughout the year.


One Universal Size


The HandiRack is not specific to the make & model of car – one size fits most 2, 3, 4 & 5-door cars. Attaching the HandiRack to the car is simple; it arrives ready to use out of the box and you can attach it and detach it within a matter of minutes.


• Multi purpose & amazingly versatile


• Manufactured from very tough nylon material


• Incredibly strong puncture proof construction


• Very cost effective compared to traditional solutions


• Ready to use ‘out of the box’ (everything that you need is included)


• Fits most 2, 3, 4 & 5-door cars


• Totally portable


• Small storage footprint (about the size of a toaster)


• Interchangeable between vehicles


• Capable of carrying loads of up to 80kg/175lbs (subject to your car’s specification)


Customer feedback has led HandiWorld to develop additional measures when using the HandiRack in very wet weather conditions.

This new, easy to fit accessory absorbs any moisture that may wick down the HandiRack’s fitting strap when heavy rain is encountered. The cellulose sponges have a high absorption characteristic and these are held in place by specially designed holders.

The Wet Weather Kits are exclusive to handiworld.com customers and are included with all orders that include a HandiRack.

What’s Included

• 4 x Cellulose Sponges

• 4 x PVC sponge holders

Instructions for Use

• As it says in the HandiRack Fitting & Safety Instructions, secure the V flaps to the underside of both HandiRacks using the Velcro pads

• Lay the HandiRacks across the roof of the car deflated

• Moisten the sponges

• Place the sponges inside the holders. Make sure that the slit in the sponge lines up with the slit in the holder.

• When placing the holders onto the HandiRack fitting strap, remember to place them back to back so that they are pointing in the right direction for the off-side and near-side of the car, with the cutaway gap always facing outwards

• Once both holders are positioned on the strap, continue to secure the HandiRack to the roof of the car as per the guidelines

• With the HandiRack now tightened and inflated make sure that the holders are positioned correctly directly under the door frame

• If water has collected in the holder during the course of the journey, please take care when removing the holders from the HandiRack

Please note that the HandiRack is suitable for use on cars fitted with panoramic sunroofs.

We recommend that you consult your car’s Operating Manual for further information.