HandiRack User Guidelines


The HandiRack is made exclusively for use on the roof of motor vehicles. The total weight of any load should not exceed 80kg/175lbs. Users are advised to consult their vehicle owner’s manual to verify maximum roof load capability of their vehicle. This is a temporary load carrying system and should be deflated and removed from the vehicle when not in use.

The HandiRack is not a flotation device and must never be used as a swimming aid or toy.

On the Journey

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the fastening devices are tightened correctly and checked regularly throughout the journey.

Top ‘Handi’ Tips

  1. Ensure that the roof of your car is clean before attaching the HandiRack
  2. Always attach the HandiRack to the roof of the car deflated
  3. Use the HandiPump (included) to inflate the HandiRack – not a compressor
  4. Do not leave the HandiRack inflated on the roof of the car or in the boot
  5. On hot days, do not over inflate the bladders
  6. On cold days, ensure that the bladders are fully inflated
  7. In wet weather, secure the ‘V’ flaps to the underside of the HandiRack
  8. For 2-door cars, secure the ‘V’ flaps to the underside of the HandiRack to create more width between the two sets of bars

SRS Airbags

Please refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for information about the SRS airbag system fitted to your car. This information will show you where the airbags are located and assist you in avoiding obstructing these when fitting a HandiRack. Please be advised that the HandiRack may be unsuitable for use on certain vehicles fitted with curtain airbags.