Fishing Trolley

The Ideal Fishing Trolley

The HandiMoova is a perfect solution to your fishing trolley needs. Floating Axle Technology and hemi-spherical CAMBA wheels work together to help you move your tackle box, rods and any other fishing equipment with ease, all while keeping it on a flat, level surface.

Watch the short video below to see how the HandiMoova performs as a fishing trolley.

Tackling Terrain

The HandiMoova works perfectly as a fishing trolley thanks to its all-terrain capabilities. We’ve designed the HandiMoova wheels and axles with the toughest challenges in mind, including sandy beaches, gravelly river banks and concrete pathways.

Active Variable Footprint design means your HandiMoova fishing trolley will adjust its profile to suit any occasion, helping you move heavy or unwieldy loads with a minimum of effort.

Set up and Disassembly

We’ve designed the HandiMoova for ease of use, and this starts when you set it up. Assembly is the work of moments and you’re then ready to wheel your equipment over any surface, including obstacles and stairs.

Once you’ve shifted your kit back to your car, you can pack up the HandiMoova in no time at all, while it was designed with a small storage footprint in mind to economise on space.

All of these well-thought-out features combine to make the HandiMoova the ideal fishing trolley.

Easing the Strain

Your HandiMoova is capable of moving up to 60kg, which means you can load up equipment such as your;

• Tackle box

• Fishing rods

• Chair or stool

• Carryall

• Shelter

Benefits of a HandiMoova

• Reduces physical strain

• CAMBA wheel with Floating Axle technology

• Load always remains level

• Simple to assemble with easy to detach wheels

• Fantastic levels of stability even across rough terrain

• Easy to load and effortless to use

• Multi purpose

• ‘Go anywhere’ capability

• Compact storage footprint

• Great weight bearing capability

• Made from strong and durable materials