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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For That Adventurer In Your Life

Do you have an adventurer in your life? Whether your favourite adventurer likes getting out and about in a car or on their trusty bike (or two!), Christmas is a great time to fuel their indulgence for travel and the outdoors. But what do you buy the intrepid adventurer who has everything?

While none of us need more ‘stuff’ in our lives to have to find homes for, gifts which encourage us to get out into the outdoors and enhance our travel experience can only be a good thing. With these gifts you’re giving motivation, inspiration, and the enhanced enjoyment of travel, and while a round-the-world ticket could be an amazing gift for someone, it might need a few more Christmasses before that one can be afforded!

So here’s our guide to realistic but still appreciated travel gifts for Christmas.

Halfords have these very handy Bikehut bike storage tents which are perfect for storing bikes in when on a camping trip. They can store up to three bikes. It’s easy to pitch and has UV protection.

If your adventurer’s choice mode of transport is more four-wheeled than two, how about this car boot organiser? This is a durable storage system with space for all of your adventurer’s treasures (or junk). It also has a built in red warning triangle, which could come in very useful when they get into a tight spot.

Talking of cars, have you seen the winter range from KUNGS? We are one of only a few retailers in the UK selling these top-quality Finnish products – they’ve been developed and tested in Finland, a country that knows a thing or two about motoring through wintry weather. This could be the most money you’ve ever spent on an ice-scraper but with good reason. This gloved ice-scraper is a real boon on cold mornings.

Have a look at the full winter range here >>

For the camping lovers, this pop-up emergency camping light could be a key piece of camping kit. This folds down to take up minimal space and can be used as either a lantern or a torch. Don’t forget the batteries!

Last but not least, we LOVE this scratch off map (with flags) from TravelNuts. Scratch off each country as you visit and steadily turn the gold area into a patchwork of colour. How many of these countries is your adventurer planning to visit?Are you well-known for your adventuring? We’d love to know what your loved ones bought you to help along your wanderlust this Christmas.

Packing your Car for a Family Holiday


The summer holidays are creeping up on us now, which means if you’ve got a UK family holiday planned for the long school break then you’re probably starting to get prepared.

As well as packing everything you could possibly need into suitcases, you need to think about how you’re going to prepare your car for the wear and tear long drives can bring with them.

It can be easy to forget that there are certain checks that need doing before setting off on a long journey when the chaos of getting out the door sets in, so allow us to share with you 5 things to remember to do before hitting the road for your UK adventure.

Tyre Pressure

An important check to do before you start packing the car and to continue to do throughout your trip, both checking and adjusting your tyre pressure accordingly will help avoid flat tyres or unexpected disasters.

The AA recommend you check your tyre pressures every couple of weeks when the tyres are cold and we’d recommend doing a check before and after packing up the car to ensure your tyres are safe and ready for the journey ahead.

They also recommend checking for any cracks, cuts or bulges in the tyres when checking the pressure as these are signs of damage and weakness in the tyres and could lead to problems on the road.

Fluid Levels

At the very top of Aviva’s road trip checklist is your fluid levels and we couldn’t agree more with how important it is to check these before you head off.

Brake fluid, engine oil, window washer fluid, antifreeze – check all the fluid levels under the bonnet and top up where required. We’d recommend having spare bottles of the fluids packed away tightly in the boot in case you happen to need them on the go.


Just because you’re planning your trip to be during the daytime, doesn’t mean you don’t need to give your lights a proper check before setting off.

As well as being something that the police can pull you over for, having a brake light out or a broken headlight is really dangerous when driving, whether it’s a short or long distance trip.

The best way to check all your lights are working is to get a friend or family member to move around the car as you test your brake lights, headlights, fog lights and indicator lights are all working properly and you may want to stock extra bulbs in the car just in case.


Whilst you’re checking your brake lights, you want to check your actual brakes too. An essential part of your vehicle and something that needs to be in perfect working order, especially when using a roof box, you need to check your brakes don’t need changing before you head off.

Kwik Fit recommend brake pads are changed when they reach a 3mm thickness or below and describe how you can tell your brakes need attention when you can hear grinding noises when braking, feel the car pulling in a certain direction when braking or the brakes may feel soft of spongey.

If you’re planning a lengthy road trip, it might be worth booking your car into a local garage for a mini service to ensure you’ve done all your checks right and everything is safe and ready to go.

Securely Attach Your Roof Rack and Box

Once you’ve checked your car is in perfect working order, it’s time to prepare it for the load it needs to carry by adding extra secure storage space. Fitted metal roof bars can be expensive and inconvenient when not in use, which is why the HandiRack is ideal for families who love a road trip.

Our inflatable roof rack is small to store and can be fitted to your vehicle in a matter of minutes and is then ready for you to add the HandiHoldall, our 320-litre soft roof box and fill with all your belongings to ensure you’ve got plenty of space to stretch out inside the car.

We hope this little guide has been helpful if you’re trying to get everything in order for your upcoming UK family holiday. If you’re looking to use one of our handy products as part of your travel set up, feel free to drop us an email at and one of our team will be happy to help.



Summer is well on its way now which means that day trips to the local beach are just around the corner.

We may not get the warmest of weather here in the UK but when we do get a hot day, our beaches are the place to be and we’re confident that plenty of our customers will be heading towards the coast at some point in the next few months.

Whether it’s an adults-only trip or a family holiday, there are always lots of things you need to have in tow when you head to the beach, so we’re going to be sharing with you all the essentials you can’t forget and our tips for packing everything into the car!

What You Need to Pack

What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

How to Pack

You might be thinking that there’s a lot to pack for a simple trip to the beach but instead of trying to streamline your packing to fit everything in the car, invest in some handy car storage solutions that mean you never have to leave anything behind again.


Whether you want to take a kayak to the beach with you or just need a place to store your belongings outside of the car, the HandiRack is the answer. Our inflatable roof rack is the perfect solution for providing you with extra storage space and a way of transporting bigger belongings when spontaneous trips occur.

Compact to store when not in use and easy to attach to your car within minutes when you decide it’s time to increase the storage space available in your vehicle, the HandiRack can be used with the HandiBungee cords for attaching kayaks and canoes or can be paired with the HandiHoldall, our 320-litre roof bag for storing bags and smaller loose items.

HandiDuffel Waterproof Bags

If you’re looking for the perfect bag to pack all your belongings into that will keep them safe from the heat and water, the HandiDuffel Bag is the perfect option.

These waterproof duffel bags are made from a super strong tarpaulin material which will keep your possessions protected from the heat and totally dry when you’re relaxing near the sea. Available in a 95-litre and 135-litre size, the HandiDuffels are the ideal luggage solution no matter how much you want to pack!


If you’ve got stacks of bags, inflatable toys, foldable chairs and more that you need to transport from the car to your sunbathing spot then you’ll need a HandiMoova. Our all-terrain trolley is made using state of the art Camba Wheel Technology which ensures it rolls smoothly and easily across the sand and the high-grade steel frame is strong and robust to carry up to 60kg worth of cargo.

Simply stack your luggage and belongings onto the HandiMoova, secure with the provided bungee cords and simply pull behind you when you head to your chosen spot on the beach – the perfect way to make just one trip from the car!

Days at the beach should be all about the fun and be totally stress-free, so make your summer trip as easy as possible by following our packing list and top tips for transporting everything you need.

Looking for some advice on which products will work for your car and upcoming adventures? Email and one of our team will be happy to help!

HandiHoldall And Cycle on top of Car Roof


Creating innovative products that are the solutions to common travel problems is at the core of everything we do here at HandiWorld, so when our customers speak, we listen and that is how our newest product has been created.

We have plenty of customers who are real cycling enthusiasts and when they said to us that they couldn’t find a roof box that would fit alongside their bike on a roof rack, we knew there was room for a newer, smaller version of the original HandiHoldall.

Our new 175-litre HandiHoldall is the smallest version of our soft roof bag yet and has been purposely designed with cyclists in mind. Smaller but just as mighty, this petite version of the HandiHoldall is made from the same 250D polyester tarpaulin outer material with dry bag technology and UV resistance for protection from all weathers.

Suitable for fitting to a pre-fitted bike or sports rack alongside your bike, we truly believe every cyclist needs one of our new HandiHoldalls but if you’re not convinced yet, here are 3 reasons why.

1. All Your Essentials in One Place

If you’re the cyclist who likes to head further afield for your biking adventures, you’re probably going to have a lot of kit in tow and it can be difficult to get that all in the car, especially when there’s no space on the roof next to your bike but with the help of the brand new HandiHoldall, that problem is solved.

The perfect place to store all your essentials while you head to your cycling destinations, you can pack your helmet, cycling clothing and shoes, repair kits, bike accessories and more into one super secure, weather-resistant roof bag and know that everything is easy to find in one convenient place and simply secure it next to your bike on your pre-fitted sports rack.

2. Easy to Access

There’s nothing worse than cramming all your essentials into the boot of the car and then realising you need to access something that is squashed right at the back. When you pack all your biking essentials into the 175-litre HandiHoldall, you can quickly and easily access your belongings whenever you need.

Simply stop the car, quickly detach the HandiHoldall from your sports rack and you can easily get in and pull out whatever it is you need without having to pull everything else out too thanks to the new HandiHoldall having 3 points of access, so you’re guaranteed to be able to quickly get your hands on what you wanted.

3. Convenient to Store When Not in Use

When designing the new HandiHoldall, we haven’t just thought about how it will function out on the road but how it will work when it’s not in use which is why we’ve ensured that as with the 320-litre HandiHoldall, this smaller version is convenient to store when you don’t need it.

Cyclists usually have garages full of bikes and equipment, so you don’t want your space filled up with bulky roof boxes which is why we’ve designed the 175-litre HandiHoldall to fold up to a compact size of just 61cm x 17cm x 17cm in its own storage bag when not in use, a perfect petite size for storing in your boot or garage without taking up too much space from your cycling gear.

We could go on forever with reasons why our brand new HandiHoldall is essential for any cyclist but we think these 3 reasons alone are enough to convince anyone. The brand new 175-litre HandiHoldall will be available exclusively from the HandiWorld website for just £120.00 in early May 2018 and will even come with free UK shipping, so you can put it to use in no time.

If you’ve got any questions about the new member of the HandiWorld family, drop us an email at and one of our team will be with you in no time.



Roof bags truly are a great investment for big families or people who do a lot of travelling but there are certain safety procedures you have to take into consideration when packing and using one.

The HandiHoldall is our very own soft roof bag, a unique version of a traditional roof box that is lighter, easier to attach to the car and capable of holding up to 320-litres worth of cargo but similarly to all other roof boxes, you need to pack it properly to be safe.

We’re going to be sharing with you our top tips for packing a roof bag securely to ensure you, your belongings and everyone around you is kept safe.

Don’t Go Over the Maximum Capacity

Every roof bag will have a maximum capacity and this is advertised for a reason. For example, the HandiHoldall can be packed with up to 320-litres worth of luggage and belongings and still be closed properly and securely without putting too much pressure on the fabric or fastenings.

Over-filling a roof bag isn’t safe and can lead to damaging your roof bag or even worse, not being able to fasten properly and therefore your belongings not being securely packed away which could lead to problems as you travel.

Every roof bag or box has its own specified capacity and this has been set after rigorous testing, so this isn’t something you want to ignore.

Don’t Confuse Weight with Capacity

As well as having maximum capacities, many roof bags will have maximum weight limits too and these are different things and both have to be considered.

The HandiHoldall may be able to hold up to 320-litres but it has a weight limit of 50kg, which means you need to think carefully about what is best to pack into the roof bag and what would be better in the boot.

Although 50kg is roughly the equivalent of two full suitcases, if you’re heading off camping, you might have lots of sleeping bags, sleeping mats and pillows to transport which although larger, are quite light, so packing these in your roof bag is safe and frees up lots of space in the car.

Don’t Fill with Lots of Loose Items

Although it can be tempting to just throw everything into a roof box or bag loose and then shut it and hope for the best, this isn’t the safest or the best way to pack them.

Not only is this not the best way to optimise the space you have available but it could also cause real problems if your roof box was to come unsecured. By packing your belongings into bags such as the HandiDuffel bags, your cargo will be secure inside of both a luggage bag and the soft roof box, so should it come open, you won’t find your belongings all over the place.

Packing your roof bag with 2-3 larger bags as opposed to lots of little items will also help you balance out the weight to make driving with it on board easier and safer.

Always Use the Recommend Fixtures and Accessories

We’ve all been there, we’ve come to attach the roof box to the car and can’t find the original fixtures to attach to the roof bars but you should never use make-shift fixtures such as bungee cords or ropes.

It can be frustrating but you should always use the fixtures and accessories that came directly from the brand with the roof bag when you bought it or if you’re buying new/spares, you need to buy branded ones again.

These fixtures and attachments have been designed specifically for use with this product and are therefore the most reliable and will ensure your roof bag is attached safely. Using anything else could leave you at risk of not having your roof box attached properly, so you need to always use the original or branded parts.

Ensure Your Roof Bag is Central

More a tip for attaching your roof bag as opposed to packing it but an essential part of the overall process, ensuring your roof bag is positioned in the centre of your roof is key for easy and safe driving.

The HandiHoldall comes with instructions as to how to properly attach to your car, including how to ensure it is central for even weight distribution, so following these instructions is really important for safely and securely attaching your roof bag.

Roof bags are a really worthwhile purchase for all kinds of people and although this may seem like a lot of things to remember before heading off on your travels, they’re all simple, self-explanatory tips that are super easy to follow.

If you’re interested in getting your very own roof bag and would like to speak to one of our team, drop us an email at



We’re heading towards better weather now which means water sports season is just around the corner, so for all kayaking lovers that means it’s time to get back out on the water.

Kayaking and canoeing are hobbies loved by many and any enthusiast will tell you, this pastime requires a lot of kit. The boats alone can set a kayaker back a few hundred pounds, so when you’re spending that kind of money on your gear, you need to pack and transport it with care.

We’re known for being the best in the business when it comes to storage and transportation solutions here at HandiWorld and we’re pleased to say that our products are ideal for use with water sports equipment such as kayaks and canoes.

We’re going to be introducing you to a few key products you need to know about as a water sports enthusiast and giving you some top tips on how to pack for your upcoming adventure like a pro!


Starting with how you’re going to get your kayak or canoe from your house to the location you’re going to be using it, you’re going to need a heavy duty roof rack and the HandiRack is the perfect option.

The UK’s one and only inflatable roof rack, the HandiRack is designed to be convenient to store when not in use, easy to attach and use when needed and strong enough to carry loads of up to 80kg, making it ideal for using to transport your kayak or canoe during water sports season.

Each HandiRack comes with a pack of HandiStraps to attach cargo to the roof rack safely and securely and additional HandiStraps can be bought strap if required.

Whether you have use for a roof rack all year round or just need one when it’s time to get your kayak back on the water, the HandiRack is an affordable and convenient option!


Our very own canoe and kayak trolley, the HandiKart is specifically designed for transporting your boat from dry land to the waterfront quickly and easily and we think its one of the best kayak trollies in the business.

Made using 304-grade stainless steel and state of the art Camba Wheel technology, the HandiKart is robust and practical. Simple and easy for you to attach your kayak or canoe and then easily roll to and from the waterfront, the HandiKart is strong enough to take the weight of your boat but is also compact and convenient to store when not needed.

Say goodbye to that familiar struggle of dragging your kayak or canoe and invest in a HandiKart to do all the hard work for you!


Now that you’ve sorted how you’re going to transport your actual boat, you now need to consider how you’re going to pack up and move the rest of the kit you’ll need.

The HandiMoova is a purpose-built all-terrain trolley that is designed for carrying up to 60kg worth of cargo, making it the perfect way to transport all your other belongings down to the waterfront.

Whether you load up boxes or individual bags and secure with the provided HandiBungees or pack all your possessions into one of the HandiDuffel bags which are waterproof and will keep all your essentials safe and dry, you can quickly and easily move all your belongings in one trip.

We love water sports here at HandiWorld and we know our customers do too, which is why we’ve worked hard to create a range of products that make kayaking and canoeing trips easier than ever.

We’re all about having more fun with less hassle, so get your hands on these products for a smooth sailing water sports trip!



There are a few essential items you should always have both in the house and in the car and in our opinion, a handpump is one of them.

You never know when something is going to need blowing up either at home or out and about, so ensuring you have a handpump with you at all times will help avoid any chaos or frustration when these scenarios come around.

The HandiPump is a reliable and good quality handpump that although was designed to accompany the HandiRack for inflating both at home and on the go, it could also come in handy for plenty of other situations too.

Beach Toys

Picture this: you’re on the beach with family, you’ve just unpacked all your essentials and are ready to start enjoying the sun when one of your children comes over with a completely deflated water float they want to blow up and take in the sea… sound familiar? We thought so!

Without a HandiPump, you’re going to be spending 10-15 minutes of your relaxing time blowing up the toy manually but thanks to packing the HandiPump in the car, you can have the float blown up in a matter of minutes so you can get back to relaxing.

Paddling Pools

British Summers are known for being hit and miss but as soon as the sun is shining, you can bet that us Brits are already breaking out the paddling pool to enjoy in the garden. The last thing you want to be doing on a hot day is manually blowing up a paddling pool, so having the HandiPump nearby will ensure you can have the paddling pool fully inflated in just minutes, ready to fill up for the summer fun to begin.


Whether you’re on a camping trip out in the open or you’re setting up a temporary sleeping space for guests at home, if you’ve got an airbed to inflate, you do not want to be blowing it up manually. The HandiPump can have an inflatable bed blown up to the perfect density in no time, so you can get on with the rest of your day without worrying about having to keep re-inflating your bed.

Bike Tyres

It’s a known fact that most children love playing on their bikes, so as a parent you don’t want anything to hinder their enjoyment, especially not a deflated tyre. Whether they’re riding around near home or you’ve driven somewhere further afield to head off on your bike ride, having a HandiPump close by will mean that nothing can put a stop to your bike riding fun, not even a flat tyre.


Birthdays are great fun and a room filled with balloons might have sounded like the perfect surprise for a loved one’s special day until it comes to blowing them up. Blowing up countless balloons using your own breath may be possible but it certainly isn’t enjoyable! When you use the HandiPump you can simply inflate as many balloons as you desire in no time at all, so you can have all the fun with none of the hassle or hard work.

Say goodbye to that familiar sinking feeling we’ve all had when we see something needs inflating and we don’t have a pump with us by getting yourself a HandiPump and keeping it close at all times.

You never know where your adventures may take you, so being prepared with a handpump is the best way to ensure nothing is going to hold you back.

Have you found another use for your HandiPump apart from keeping your HandiRack inflated and ready for use? Let us know!



Easter weekend is just around the corner now and that means one thing, the school Easter holidays are about to get underway.

If you’re struggling with ideas to keep the whole family occupied during this time off, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve come up with plenty of ideas to keep everyone entertained for the whole holiday!

National Trust Easter Egg Hunts

We love the National Trust and all their parks (almost as much as the National trust love the HandiMoova) and think they’re great places to spend quality family time, without breaking the bank.

A walk around a National Trust park or property is a perfect way to spend a few hours but if you want to make your Easter adventure with the National Trust even more exciting, taking part in the Cadbury egg hunts they’re running over the Easter weekend at all their sites is a perfect idea.

Over the 4-day Easter weekend, Cadbury has teamed up with the National Trust to run Easter egg hunts for all ages to offer hours of entertainment, as well as tasty chocolate rewards throughout your walk at over 250 of their locations.

Trip to the Seaside

Another cheap way to spend a few hours getting exercise out in the fresh air is to take a trip to the seaside. The weather can be hit and miss over the Easter period, so if you wake up to a nice day, pack up everything you need and head to your nearest seaside for some classic British holiday fun.

If you’re planning to turn your trip to the seaside into a day at the beach, you’re probably going to need to pack a lot of things to keep everyone happy, so when it comes to transporting all your seaside essentials from the car to your perfect sunny spot, the HandiMoova is on hand to make light work of carrying all your belongings.

Family Bike Ride

Bike riding is a fun and affordable activity that all the family can enjoy together. Whether you ride around your local area or get in the car and head somewhere a little more picturesque for your cycling adventure, bike riding is a great way to spend a few hours without needing to spend a penny.

Nature Spotting

Family walks are great ways to embrace the outdoors but they don’t always keep kids entertained for hours, whereas going on a nature spotting walk is even more fun for all ages. You can stay close to home or head further afield but wherever you go for your family stroll, spend some extra time taking in the scenery and looking out for the signature signs of spring like new animals, daffodils and bluebells.

Try Something New

Although spending time with family doing the things you already love is always a good way to spend time, Easter holidays are also the perfect time to try something new. Whether you fancy trying watersports for the first time or taking on a new challenge you’ve always wanted to complete such as a zip line or obstacle course, the Easter break is the perfect time to get out and fall in love with a new hobby.

The options are endless for keeping the whole family happy and busy during the Easter holidays and if the weather lets you down, indoor activities such as at home ‘cinema days’, teddy bear picnics and baking are always entertaining for all ages.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the Easter holidays with all the family? Let us know by getting in touch!



Camping trips are a popular kind of holiday with families and although one of the more affordable types of holiday, they can be the most difficult to plan for. Family camping trips can require a lot of kit and transporting all of that can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to cram it all into your standard family vehicle.

We’re going to be sharing with you exactly what you need to pack for a camping trip as well as our top tips for how to create extra space in your car and pack all your belongings in your vehicle with plenty of room to spare!

The Packing List

Your camping trip packing list will vary depending on how many people you’re packing for, the season in which you’re going camping and the ages of the members of your family but below is a rough guide to everything you need to pack for your trip:

We appreciate that may seem a pretty extensive packing list but we’re confident you’ll get use out of every single one of the above items which means there’s a lot to get packed into the car.

You may be scratching your head right now, wondering how you’re possibly going to fit everything into the car but with the help of some handy products from HandiWorld, packing up all your camping trip essentials is going to cause you no bother at all.

The HandiRack

One of the bulkiest bits of kit you need to transport with you when heading off on a camping trip is the tent but when you choose to add a HandiRack to the top of your car, you can simply use the HandiBungee cords to strap the tent to the top of your car and you’ll have freed up room for more luggage inside the car.

If your tent comes packed inside its own carry bag with everything secure inside, you could simply strap this to the HandiRack but if you’re unsure about how protected your tent will be from the elements, pack it inside one of our waterproof roof bags before attaching to the inflatable roof rack.

The HandiHoldall

If you’re having trouble finding space for all the rolled up sleeping mats, sleeping bags and deflated airbeds in the car, a HandiHoldall could soon become your best friend.

Perfect for packing in items such as the above, the HandiHoldall has a 320-litre capacity and can either carry two HandiDuffels filled with your belongings or items such as sleeping bags and mats to leave you with more room for sitting comfortably in the car.

The HandiDuffel

The best way to pack up all the clothes and toiletries you won’t need during the car journey is to put them in one of the 135-litre HandiDuffel bags and pack this into the HandiHoldall to keep all your belongings secure and dry throughout the duration of the car ride.

HandiDuffels are also great for simply packing your luggage in the car as the bags are a practical streamlined shape that take up minimal room; the 95-litre bag in particular is compact and great for packing into small corners of the car.

The HandiMoova

If room in the car isn’t the problem but how you’re going to transport all the gear to your pitch once you arrive on site, then the HandiMoova is an essential for you. Compact when folded down so easy to throw in the car before you head off on your holiday, the HandiMoova is an all-terrain trolley that is ideal for transporting luggage and equipment from the car to where you’ll be pitching your tent if you can’t park close enough.

Designed to work perfectly on all terrains, the HandiMoova can carry up to 60kg of your belongings at any one time, meaning you can transport all your things in no time.

Family camping trips are all about creating fond memories, so to ensure you avoid any conflict when it comes to packing the car to head off on your adventures, be sure to follow our handy packing tips!

Need more advice on how any of the HandiWorld products could help you and your family have an easier journey to your camping holiday? Email one of the team using for more information on any of our products

HandiWorld Reviews


We think our products are some of the best of their kind but we could forgive you for accusing us of being biased. If you’re looking to purchase a HandiWorld product and don’t just want to take our word for it when we say they’re great, why not put your trust in the words of some of our real customers?

We’re going to be sharing with you a selection of reviews our loyal customers have left for us about some of our most popular products, so you can purchase with confidence that our inventions are really as good as we say they are!


The HandiRack was the very first product that HandiWorld launched and is something we consider to be one of our best-sellers. Our inflatable roof rack is a one of a kind invention and is a unique concept when compared to traditional roof bars but what do people who own a HandiRack think?

“The HandiRack arrived on time. It was easy to fit and did what I wanted it to do perfectly. It was easy to remove and it all went back in its little bag. Excellent” – Furness

“I received the HandiRack yesterday, just in time to be used in transporting a small wardrobe on the top of my Toyota Aygo. It did the job with a minimum of effort required, easy to install the rack, good quality, fit for purpose. Would recommend!” – Mike Faint

“The product arrived in the time specified, well packaged with clear instructions – I managed to put it on despite being pretty rubbish at such things… We put a canoe on, used some additional straps and it worked a treat.” – Maggy


Our weather resistant soft roof box is made from durable and reliable fabric and is capable of carrying up to 320-litres worth of cargo. We truly think the HandiHoldall is a far better option than your traditional roof box but do our customers agree?

“Purchase via the website was a doddle and the item arrived the next day; very impressed. HandiRack and HandiHoldall are great products, really easy to use and really well made” – Mark Chapman

“I purchased the HandiHoldall for camping to free up space in the car. I like that it is easy to store when not in use. I found it easy to fit and easy to load up. It rained on the way back from a trip and did not leak” – David

“Great alternative to the roof box as we don’t have a garage to store one. It folds inside a small bag, so takes up no room at all. It withstood high winds and rain on our first trip so it does the job. We bought two of the black holdalls also, which made packing much easier. Very useful and we are happy.” – Lee


The all-terrain trolley that truly is ready for any eventuality, we’re confident when we say that the HandiMoova can take on any terrain but how have our customers been getting on with their new wheels?

“I love my HandiMoova. It works brilliantly across our gravel driveway and saves my back on the garden steps. Used it last week to move 6 heavy potted trees and it worked a treat!” – Tim Vallance

“…The HandiMoova and HandiDuffel combination is impressive. I took them out for a trial walk along the streets, up kerbs, downstairs and over grass and gravel. It was effortless. Excellent engineering and a superb design.” – Mrs T Scott

“Excellent purchase… Tried it out today moving some compost bags up a steep flight of stairs – perfect. The tall garden bag attachment ordered at same time is also very good value. The trolley is very solidly built and although the free axle wheels take a bit of effort to get used to, they perform well on all kinds of surface.” – Richard Moss


Available in both a 95-litre and 135-litre size, the HandiDuffel is the perfect luggage and storage solution for all kinds of scenarios. We’re confident that these industrial strength duffel bags are tough enough to keep your cargo safe, do our customers agree though?

“Needed the HandiDuffel to fit to a motorcycle trailer to store helmets and jackets, absolutely perfect for the job, fits 4 helmets and jackets and keeps them dry…no problem. Fast and efficient delivery…great” – Steve Hextall

“We bought a HandiWorld 135 litre waterproof duffel and have used it a couple of times but not in rain. This weekend, it got a true test. Even through two hours of motorway driving in dismal rain this bag kept everything inside bone dry. Excellent product that folds away to about the size of an old-school laptop bag. I am extremely impressed. If you need extra space but don’t want a rigid box on top of your car, or trailer behind, then this is for you. Thank you for a simple but brilliant product.” – Katie


An essential bit of kit for any water sports enthusiast, our HandiKart is the ultimate piece of equipment for transporting canoes and kayaks from A to B. Who else loves our HandiKart as much as us?

“I have been considering the purchase of a kayak trolley for some time and finally bit the bullet and ordered a HandiKart. The price was exceptional and the service and delivery really good. Having seen the HandiKart in operation I know I have bought a great product and the feel of it simply oozes quality, function and design.” – Steven Bell

“Haven’t had a chance to use my HandiKart properly yet. But tested it on my kayak in the garden and seems really good. Feels and looks solid. Easy to fit and break down for storage in the kayak. So glad I spent that little bit more for what looks like a great cart.” – Tim Price

“I have bought a HandiKart. Good quality, easy to use and exceptional service and delivery. I would recommend this item to anyone” – Roberto Moreno Garcia

Still need a bit more convincing that we’re the best people to buy your storage and luggage solutions from? Read more HandiWorld reviews on our Trust Pilot page, there’s over 500 for you to look through.

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