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Flat Packed Furniture Roof Rack

Flat packed furniture roof rack

The Answer to Transporting Your Flat Pack

The HandiRack is a great solution for when you need to move furniture or flat packfrom A to B. The HandiRack is there when you need to move any loads up to 80kg (subject to your car’s individual specification), and this includes flat packed furniture. Traditional roof racks and roof bars can be fidly and take a lot of time and effort to install, but not the HandiRack. Not only is setting up and disassembling the HandiRack easy, but you can also use it on your family or friends’ cars, as it’s transferable from one vehicle to another in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of a HandiRack

• Multi purpose & amazingly versatile

• Manufactured from very tough nylon material

• Incredibly strong puncture proof construction

• Very cost effective compared to traditional solutions

• Ready to use 'out of the box' (everything that you need is included)

• Fits most 2, 3, 4 & 5-door cars

• Totally portable

• Small storage footprint (about the size of a toaster)

• Interchangeable between vehicles

• Capable of carrying loads of up to 80kg/175lbs (subject to your car’s specification)

Using the HandiRack to Transport Flat Pack Furniture

Getting started with the HandiRack is easy. Open your car doors and pass the HandiRack through the cabin of your vehicle. Your HandiRack is then fastened in place with an industrial-strength cam buckle. Now you’re ready to inflate the HandiRack, using the double-action pump that’s included. Once your HandiRack’s fully-inflated, it’s ready to be loaded with flat pack or just about anything else. Load your flat pack onto the HandiRack and then fasten it in place using the five 'D' ring anchor points and HandiStrap tie-downs. Within minutes, you’ve transformed your HandiRack into a highly effective load carrier.

Flat packed furniture roof rack  Flat packed furniture roof rack

The HandiRack roof rack can carry loads of up to 80kg/175lbs (subject to individual vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) and is suitable for most cars.

To see how the HandiRack works click here to watch our video.

Various uses of a HandiRack:

Flat packed furniture roof rack

Flat packed furniture roof rack

Flat packed furniture roof rack

Flat packed furniture roof rack

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